Data Management Consultant

In business we have a lot of records. Keeping those records safe and secure across multiple locations is a key.  I specialize in helping businesses get in touch with the software they need to keep pace with today's market.  As businesses need to move workers to home and remote solutions, they find the same needs. Communication, Congruent work flows, and shared live data records are key to success. Let me help to overcome some of  your businesses key challenges.

Go Green in Hawaii.

Does your business take documents from the field and submit them to a main office.  Which then to be put into a massive excel sheet for tracking?  No longer.  We can make your business paperless allowing your information to be available across all of your devices from anywhere in the world. Creating custom forms and rule sets to keep track of all your information is just the beginning.  The power of reporting and analytics in real time will take your business to the next level.

Call for a Free Consultation. 808 634 2105

Website creation, development, and training. Now on Kauai.

Every business needs a website. If someone is looking up your business you want them to find you, not a competitor. Even if you simply have a simple website with a contact point and a services page, you will be doing your business a favor.

Take the headache out of website creation. We will help to create, host, and maintain your website health.  Website training is also available for those of you who want to take charge and manipulate your own web pages.

Need to recover or wipe an old hard drive?

Often times, our computers fail before our hard drives. In those cases, we can access our data with alternate methods. There are also times when we need to wipe a hard drive before disposing old computer equipment. We specialize in data collection and removal from those hard to reach places.

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