Did you outgrow your spreadsheets?

March 28, 2020

Get a custom solution that is remotely accessible across desktop and mobile devices.

Spreadsheets are great for any business. At some point, however, they can get out of hand. That is usually a great sign for your business. This means that your business has out grown your current spreadsheet flow.

How do i know if i if my data outgrew my spreadsheets?

Well, this one is easy. Do you have too many rules in place and too many sheets to cross check in order to process an order or report? If the answer is yes, you've likely outgrown your current data management system.

Upgrading or creating your data management system

The good news is that this can be as simple as adding automated rules and functions into the spreadsheets that your already have. It can be amazing how much efficiency I can add to a system or single process that a client has with just a few functions, forms, or macros. Even simple things like just utilizing the CSV import process whenever possible can be a night and day difference in efficiency.

But my data needs to be remotely accessible

Remote accessible data? That's an easy one. All spreadsheets and documents can be converted to cloud based spreadsheet solutions like Microsoft or google products for example. Once in the cloud your data backed up and remotely accessible to your teammates. Granting and revoking access privileges as needed.

But my data is really hard to manage and I keep breaking my data because of bad entry

Ah yes, to err is human, and we are all human. This is the sad truth. Even the best system is prone to error by the user entering the data. That being said. When its difficult to enter a record, the probability of error increases. This is the main flaw in spreadsheets. Row after row. Column after column. It's easy to shift rows or columns accidentally while adding or editing a record. This simple error over time will corrupt even the most well thought system of data management.

Enter a custom data management solution

Queue the angelic music. Let the sky part the the light shine. Someone gets me. This is the feeling when you find someone to prepare a system to track all of your data. Creating a system where you can easily login across any device and access your data and live reports. Entering data is now a breeze thanks for beautiful forms and rules that restrict the entry of records to mitigate error. Now you can run a report at a push of a button that used to take half a day to prepare.

Tell me what key challenges lay in your way

Give me a call. Tell me what your business's data management issues are. Perhaps you have already dreamed up a tool or idea. Let me bring it into your hands. Together we are stronger.

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