Coronavirus COVID-19 changes the way Hawaii does business.

March 28, 2020

The coronavirus has impacted the entire world. Hawaii is no expectation. Many of us work in jobs that rely on the now non-extant tourism economy. Those businesses that are able to continue must adapt to a more efficient, socially distant work environment. Fortunately, virtual services for phone and video conferencing are available at reasonable prices. For certain essential business personnel it can even be free for several months.

Here is a link for free virtual phone and live camera chat services for educators and health care professionals.

All healthcare providers, schools (K-12), community colleges, public sector organizations, news and media organizations, and non-profit organizations who are new customers and impacted by COVID-19 get free access to RingCentral Office. During this difficult time, it's crucial for your organization to connect and get your important work done easily and securely, from anywhere. With RingCentral Office, you get everything you need in one desktop or mobile app, including:

  • Video Meetings: HD quality audio and video conferencing, screen sharing and more
  • Messaging: Team messaging that’s perfect for collaboration with file sharing and more
  • Phone: Robust and reliable business phone system, including business SMS and call management

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