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Data Management Consultant

In business we have a lot of records. Keeping those records safe and secure across multiple locations is a key.

Go Green in Hawaii

Does your business take documents from the field and submit them to a main office.  Which then to be put into a massive excel sheet for tracking? 

Website creation, development

Every business needs a website. If someone is looking up your business you want them to find you, not a competitor.

Need to recover or wipe an old hard drive?

Often times, our computers fail before our hard drives. In those cases, we can access our data with alternate methods.
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A Brief Introduction - Becoming Efficient

My name is William Kia'i Barretto. I go by the name Kia'i (Key-ah'ee). I began life with parents who loved me. Parents that gave me room to grow and explore new ideas. Born on Kaua'i and being Hawaiian, I have always been proud of my roots and my culture. I gain comfort from the water and forest.



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March 28, 2020
Did you outgrow your spreadsheets?

Get a custom solution that is remotely accessible across desktop and mobile devices. Spreadsheets are great for any business. At some point, however, they can get out of hand. That is usually a great sign for your business. This means that your business has out grown your current spreadsheet flow. How do i know if […]

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January 29, 2020
4 Ways spreadsheets are hurting your business

Spreadsheets are a great way for any business to track client, job, and any other records. However, spreadsheets can get a company into trouble if they outgrow their spreadsheets and don't take action to remedy it. In this article you will find reason to be wary of spreadsheets. This doesn't mean not to use them. […]

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January 28, 2020
7 ways every business needs to use spreadsheets to manage their data

Spreadsheets are an important aspect to any business. With constant flow of data from customer records to daily task tracking, all businesses use spreadsheets to manage their lists of information. While can be an ideal method for small, one-off tasks, there is no way to assign rules sets or restrictions to how users enter the […]

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