I am creating worksheets that parents and teachers can use to easily give activities to their children. We need grab and go work sheets so that we can easily create a schedule of learning for our preschoolers.
alphabet trail in sand
Our goal for preschool learning should be to help our children to succeed with the rest of their education and beyond. The focus should be on success. Small victories that build up to a feeling of accomplishment each day.

Learning Outside The Box - Our Typical Day

Here is a sample of a typical day. We get started lazily and get some food in our faces. Next, we brush our teeth and complete any hygiene responsibilities we may have. I'll get some play time in to give him some one on one time. Before we officially start.

We write our names. We trace our names once every day and write the date next to it. Next, we will do another worksheet of some kind. Letters, numbers, or counting. We will then do take break. I tell him its creative free play time. In reality I use this time to scramble to create the next activity.

Physical Education Time with Songs

Meanwhile I queue the music. I have found a few songs on youtube that i like to play while we do exercises and stretches.

A little more learning, coloring, or words

The next things on our agenda is either coloring, cutting, gluing, or all of the above. We don't like to be too monotonous with our activities. Some days we will do sight word flash cards, counting, or letter sounds. Everything is a learning opportunity. What's next? did you guess? Break time. This time there is a fruit or healthy snack to go with it.

Now we go rogue. I mean way outside the box

This is where we usually take our time to get ready for a bike ride. We put sunscreen on, get water and snacks, and pack our backpacks. We get on our bikes and ride to a spot in the woods or the beach.

Bike rode or class room? Can't it be both?

This is where i sneak learning in. Every day we make observations while on our bike ride and at our final location. We take notes, draw pictures of our findings, or just say them to each other.

Next is usually swimming followed by building with sticks, rocks, sand, dirt, or clay. I like to mix in a little more writing or math. A simple alphabet trail in the sand or drawing a pie to signify fractions will be perfect for our young scholar.
Learning outside the box
This is also a great time for learning about nature, hiking, plants, how to make rope, tools, fire. Science is quite easy to sprinkle in as every facet of life is teaming with it.

No matter you spend your day. Keep it positive and remember that they are always improving and learning. Take the time to be positive and keep them striving for greatness.

A few simple rules that I try to follow while teaching:

Try to keep tasks reasonable for their age.
Focus on completing tasks
Give them the opportunity to explore
Keep all learning remarks positive
Give them time to rest and play or snack between learning events
Physical education is a vital tool
Be proud of their effort rather than the result

Free Learning Resources and Worksheets

Here are a few resources that I have put together for learning and teaching. I hope this helps.

Writing Learning Resources
Math Learning Resources


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