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We have been creating and designing custom websites and applications for over a decade. Here are some of the projects that we have worked on.

Save money creating efficiency.

Task Guard - Digital Floor Manager: tracks employee tasks, full reporting
Job Guard - Tracks jobs, cost codes, employees, employee positions, employee clock, full reportin
Bring us your custom business needs and we will design solutions that fit your individual business or niche.

Automating and Improving Efficiency

Creating efficiency in your business process can be as simple as utilizing imports and exports when moving information between systems. Most programs offer import or export to manage data more easily. Every time I have every helped a client utilize an import or export to consolidate data, the client has seen a massive increase in production. Clients that use an import process generally bring process time down from half a day to just a few minutes. There are more ways to increase efficiency of your data tracking systems. Here are a few ways I could help your business today. All of the following methods increase accuracy and decrease workload:
Import / Export: Efficiently and accurately migrate data from one system to another.
Use spreadsheet tools: Pivot tables, graphs, filters, and all of the tricks in my arsenal will smooth out any work process.
Create Macros: Once your spreadsheets are efficient as possible, macros are can manipulate your data to remove redundant processes taken to format, report, or consolidate data.

Save money creating efficiency.

In general, every hour that I spend creating efficiency in a process saves two to four hours on days that process occurs. Here is an example of an accounting firm that I helped. Every week, billable hours needed to be taking from a time tracking system and put into a billing program. This process would take at least one entire day as the data was entered from one system into another. I found that there were import and export options on both systems. I created a manual for the client to export and import process. The data would be exported from the time keeping system, formatted to comply with the billing program, and finally imported into the billing program.

The time taken to process this was now down to about 15 minutes per week. A process taken from 4 days a month down to just under an hour. What inefficient processes occur in your business? Even better do these process happen at a weekly or monthly basis? If so, we could save a lot more time than you can imagine.

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